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30th Jewish Culture Festival | THE FIRE

A round, 30th edition of the Jewish Culture Festival will be held between 25 June and 4 July in Krakow’s district of Kazimierz.

The leitmotif this time – as we have announced many times – is Fire, the second element (29th JCF revolved around the theme of the Earth). This year, we also give the floor to women – the festival will focus on their point of view on various matters of the contemporary world and we will show you how Jewish women have won their place in the traditionally patriarchal world.

Although several iconic events (such as Shalom at Szeroka or the opening Cantors’ Concert) are missing from this year’s programme, the new formula of the festival and many new formats and proposals will bring definitely new quality to the event which is already over 30 years old.

The Festival centre will be located in the JCF Tent which will stand at the corner of ulica Józefa and Wąska. Most festival events will take place there: from morning to evening, you will have the opportunity to participate in lectures, discussions, live radio broadcasts, listen to DJ sets or concerts for free.

It is in the JCF Tent that Aga Kozak will debut with her morning series of meetings about the Jewish outlook on the contemporary world: cuisine, design, and identity. Marta Majchrzak, the author of the blog, has organised a series of meetings about Sisterhood, while Anda Rottenberg, professor Jacek Leociak, Janusz Makuch and professor Ernest Niemczyk will talk about fire. You will hear Janek Młynarski and his new band, Israeli-German punk performed by Jealous, electronic music straight from Tel Aviv with Dark Matter as well as the amazing female vocal trio Gurgulitza.

Apart from the JCF Tent, we would like to invite you to the Museum of Urban Engineering for a concert of Łona and Webber + The Pimps, to Collegium Maius, where the Israeli Dark Matter together with the Polish singer Erith will pay a contemporary tribute to Copernicus, and to the Tempel synagogue for the first ever concert… of women cantors in Poland!

Walking around Kazimierz, you will also come across various installations and activities that we have organised for you under the joint title Kumzits – artists from Israel, Germany and Poland, the United States and many other countries from around the world have remotely prepared their special projects related to Kazimierz – its history and present day.

A total of 128 events will be held as part of the 30th JCF. Most of them will be broadcast live on a special streaming platform (, which will be available shortly before the festival starts.

These events will be presented to you by 112 artists, and an international group of 60 volunteers from… 14 countries from around the world will help us in their efficient implementation. They come from Italy, Israel, Peru, Azerbaijan, Poland, India, Pakistan, Congo, Ukraine, France, Hungary, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

Moreover, like in the past, the festival’s accompanying programme will be prepared by our partners Galicia Jewish Museum and JCC Kraków.

All the events in the JCF Tent will be available for free, as will live broadcasts on the Internet. Tickets for concerts taking place outside the Tent are available at Tickets for events organised by our partners are available only from the partners.

The events at the 30th JCF will be held in compliance with the currently applicable sanitary regulations related to the Coronavirus pandemic, including the limits of people attending various events. Detailed information may be found in the 30th JCF programme.


Additional information and materials may be found by clicking on the links below.

30th JCF | Accreditation

To get a free accreditation for the 30th JCF, please complete the form below and return it to (subject: accreditation for the 30th JCF).

Accreditations will be available at the JCF office at ulica Józefa 36 on Friday, 25 June. If you have any questions, please contact me:


30th JCF | information & downloads

Janusz Makuch | 30th JCF: The Fire

Program description

Calendar of events / description of events

Calendar of events – pdf file

3oth JCF posters by Studio Otwarte

30th JCF – photos of artists

Other materials for media

Logo of the JCF as designed by the Studio Otwarte | logopack of the JCF

Photos from past editions are available on our Flickr account. They can be used free of charge in festival-related, non commercial purposes under the conditions that they are accompanied by the name of the event and the name of the photographer (provided n the name of the file). Commercial use of photographs needs to be discussed with the festival as well as with the author – please contact us before publication. | photos of the JCF

Films, short videos and recordings of concerts are available on festival channel on YouTube and Vimeo. If you need high resolution of any of those footage, please contact us. | JCF@ YouTubeJCF @ Vimeo

Festival posters are designed since 2013 by the Studio Otwarte. Before that date, every year they were designed by a different artist, including (among others):  Richard Horowitz, Rafał Olbiński, Hakobo, Janusz Dudziński, Piotr Kunce, Witold Siemaszkiewicz, Oded Ezer. | JCF posters