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Sisterhood: Fire In The Heart. Creative Fire

28.06.2021 - 18:00 / Festival Tent, ul. Józefa 36 | live:

When does female creativity become a practice of sisterhood? What is important to keep in mind when sharing one’s own work? How do you nurture the fire in your heart that allows you to speak in your own unmistakable voice? Artists Joanna Pawlik, Iwona Demko, Zuzanna Hertzberg, Patrycja Dołowy in a personal story about their own work.

Women’s creativity, activism, entering territories appropriated by men, ability to draw inspiration from the past – all this will be discussed during four panels at the 30th edition of the FKŻ. Among women of Jewish descent, we will talk about women’s belonging and exclusion, about loud and stifled voices. In Polish-language panels, we will look at issues from our own backyard and seek answers to the question: What is the life like for women in Poland and what is the life like for Jewish women here? English-language panels will focus on women’s issues from a global perspective.

As part of the SISTERHOOD series, Marta Majchrzak, (researcher, social psychologist, owner of the research boutique, and substantive director of Sisters of Europe Poland) curates four mutually complementary panel discussions to practice sisterhood through honest discussion of difficult topics. Shortly before the FKŻ, she will publish a survey on sisterhood in Poland.

Sisterhood is a concept of community, understanding, or solidarity among women. The concept of sisterhood is often used in feminist movements as a counterbalance to the rivalry imposed on women by patriarchal culture.

Just as fraternity refers to the bond between brothers, sisterhood refers to family ties as a model of positive relationships between women. Both concepts usually refer to mutual help and solidarity between unrelated people, and are a kind of demand to be treated “like family” – sincerely and warmly.

Practicing sisterhood among women can be a very positive experience: sharing experiences allows us to see the systemic nature of women’s problems, and mutual help and support strengthen relationships among women.

In feminist movements, sisterhood is both a practice and a goal, a proposal to see the commonality of women’s experiences and an attempt to act across national, racial, class, and other divides.

Sisterhood – a series of discussions curated by Marta Majchrzak,




Marta Majchrzak

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