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Sh’virat ha-kelim. Scattered Sparks of Jewish Music; Part 2

01.07.2021 - 13:30 / Festival Tent, ul. Józefa 36 | live:

Four great Jewish musicians from different parts of the world talk with one other about the many facets of contemporary Jewish music; not dispassionately, but with spunk and fire, the only element that connects all the opposites into a common flame of ardour and love. Each of them has repeatedly brought their musical vision and a different way of expressing the same world to the Festival.

Neta Elkayam (Izrael ) – Neta Elkayam,  has gained worldwide recognition as a performer of North African music. She has collaborated with first-class local and international musicians and orchestras on stages around the world. She has received awards such as the ACUM Award and the Sami Michael Award and was nominated for the Ophir Oscar Award for her leading role in the 2019 musical entitled Red Fields (Mami).

Jeremiah Lockwood (USA) is a scholar and a story-teller; a singer, instrumentalist and composer with an expansive knowledge of musical traditions and techniques that stretch from The Carolinas to West Africa to the synagogues of his youth, possessing knowledge of hundreds of traditional and original songs from around the world. Son of composer Larry Lockwood and the grandson of the legendary Cantor Jacob Konigsberg, Jeremiah Lockwood began his musical career playing on the streets and subways of Manhattan performing with Piedmont Blues master Carolina Slim. Jeremiah is the front man for The Sway Machinery, that has performer internationally, including at the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow. In addition to his work performing and recording, Jeremiah is a composer for film and theater, notably scoring numerous award-winning shorts for director Paul Andrejco’s Puppet Heap production company. Jeremiah has also toured the world extensively with Balkan Beat Box.

Raphael Rogiński (Poland) – a guitarist, composer and performer, improviser, cultural animator, and researcher of musical folklore. Educated in jazz and classical music, he extended his education to include musicology and ethnomusicology. The mix of these determines the style of his work in terms of composition and performance. Closely connected with Jewish culture, he conducts research on its forgotten traditions, translating it into the language of the present day. The outcome are two projects of which he is the leader: Shofar and Cukunft.
Frank London (USA) – “The Legend” of the world of Jewish music, one of the greatest “pillars of fire” and the father of our Festival. A trumpeter and composer who opens up new paths in the world of classical, contemporary, avant-garde Jewish music.

Frank London

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