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Outdoor dinner: Fire in the kitchen

26.06.2021 - 16:00 / meeting point: ul. Dajwór near Bartolomeo Berrecci square

The kitchen stands for meetings. With other people, with other cultures. This time, let us invite you to a meeting with Polish-Jewish cuisine in an amazing, unusual place, Ogień Restobar, where the chef, Aleksander Baron, together with the host of the evening, Robert Makłowicz, will take you on an extraordinary journey filled with flavours.

This dinner party will provide a pretext for conversations and stories, illustrating the mutual impact and exchanges between both cultures. Almost ten centuries of common history have affected the way we eat. How? We don’t even realize the impact today. Non-kosher dishes which may break the rules but which explain what for and why. With no unnecessary audacity.

Don’t be afraid to change the form of the dishes! The far-from-obvious will be better remembered and above all shows the wide range of possibilities the kitchen has and to what extent it is intercultural.

A meat menu only. The ticket includes: bus transfer to and from Ogień Restobar, 6 courses (starters, main courses, dessert), drinks. The number of places is limited to 50. You may get to Ogień Restobar on your own – in this case the price remains the same.

Aleksander Baron; Robert Makłowicz

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