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New Jewish Voices from Germany: Mazzel Tov Cocktail | Das Beste Abendmahl | JewsNewsToday

03.07.2021 - 13:00 / Festival Tent, ul. Józefa 36 | live:

New Jewish Voices from Germany: film screening
A series curated by Max Czollek  

Das Beste Abendmahl (The Best Supper) 

Director: Moritz Richard Schmidt 

The opening ceremony for the Days of Judeo-Muslim Hegemony took place on October 2, 2020—due to pandemic-related restrictions—in video form. Speeches discussed the appropriation of bourgeois symbols as well as staging the removal of German cultural hegemony through a series of different “guiding cultures” [Leitkulturen]. The Best Supper hosts Max Czollek and Necati Öziri were joined by guests Rebecca Ajnwojner, Fatma Aydemir, Sivan Ben Yishai, Murat Dikenci, Yunus Ersoy, Benjamin Fischer, Marina Frenk, Tim Freudensprung, Tobias Herzberg, Daniel Kahn, Mely Kiyak, Leon Lapsker Kahn, Yeva Lapsker Kahn, Hanni Lorenz, Monica Marotta, Sasha Marianna Salzmann, and Hengameh Yaghoobifarah.  

German, with English subtitles 

JewsNewsToday – History Special  

Script: Max Czollek and Tobias Herzberg, Director: Moritz Richard Schmidt 

This History Special of the Fake News channel JewsNewsToday was produced in 2020 in association with the Days of Judeo-Muslim Hegemony. The sequence references ongoing German-language discussions of cultural hegemony or “guiding culture” and uncovers historical “evidence” that Berlin was actually always the product of a Judeo-Muslim hegemony.  

Additional video clips: ghmWNThjOF0OWxA 

German, with English subtitles 

Masel Tov Cocktail 

Director: Arkadij Khaet, Mickey Paatzsch 

DIMITRIJ Liebermann (19) is Jewish and punched Tobi in the face. Now he’s supposed to apologize to him. But Dimitrij doesn’t exactly feel sorry. While on his way to meet up with Tobi, he encounters a diverse representation of German society. An analysis of the status quo. 

Ingredients: 1 Jew, 12 Germans, 50 ml Culture of Remembrance, 30 ml stereotypes, 2 teaspoons of patriotism, 1 teaspoon of Israel, 1 falafel, 5 Stumbling Stones, a dash of antisemitism Directions: Put all ingredients into a film, bring to boil and shake vigorously. Then garnish with Klezmer music. Consumption: Light before serving. Enjoy at the cinema. 100% kosher. 

German, Russian, with English subtitles 

Special thanks: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH 

Mazzel Tov Coctail reż. Arkadij Khaet & Mickey Paatzsch

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