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Literary Programme: Oath of Alliance of Shmuel Josef Agnon

01.07.2021 - 20:00 / Festival | streaming live: oraz

The second evening meeting with the art of storytelling organised in cooperation with storytellers from Grupa Studnia O. – the organizers of the International Storytelling Festival.

The plot of the story by the Nobel Prize winner from the former Galicia, Shmuel Yosef Agnon (1887-1970), entitled The Oath of Allegiance takes place among Jewish immigrants in Jaffa in the early 20th century. The story of a young settler, Jacob Rechnitz, and his beloved Shoshana Ehrlich, full of beautiful understatements, is a description of condensed conflict of feelings and plans, and above all, commitments made before leaving Europe. The narrative told from two perspectives – male and female – oscillates between the poetics of reality and dreams, accompanied by hypnotic sounds of an electric guitar. The evening in the JCF tent will be the premiere stage adaptation of the novel by one of the fathers of Hebrew literature, translated into Polish by Piotr Paziński.

The event has been organized in cooperation with KBF Krakow Festival Office, the operator of the programme Krakow UNESCO City of Literature.
Co-financed by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Culture Promotion Fund.

Grupa Studnia O.: Beata Frankowska, Jarosław Kaczmarek

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