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KUMZITS: “Tent of Assembly” – Dan Farberoff & David Behar Perahia

01.01.1970 - 11:00 / Bulwar Kurlandzki, everyday a different location

The deluge is here. We are on the move from home into an uncertain future, improvising our makeshift shelter. When the waters are rising, the nomad’s raft serves as their cultural ark – a place of belonging. Come, join our journey and sit with us for a while, before we have to move on. 

 Location: Kurlandzki Boulevard, everyday different location 

Duration: everyday 11:00 – 22:00 

Morning procession performance begins at 11:00 in front of Cheder, ul. Józefa 36. Evening procession performance starts at 21:30 – find out where did we put up the tent today. 

 Dan Farberoff is a Swiss-Israeli, Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker, working primarily in mediated physical and digital presence, in site-specific fashion. His works incorporate new media and live presence, and touch on issues of consciousness, embodiment and connection to place. Dan has collaborated with the England National Ballet, the Richard Alston Dance Company and world-renowned choreographers, and his work has been acclaimed at festivals, screened on major television networks, such as ABC or 4 Channel, and presented at the London Olympics. He worked as video artist for the Polish production of LET’S DANCE CHOPIN for Chopin’s bicentennial celebrations. The piece, with large-scale multiple projection for symphony orchestra and contemporary dance performance, in collaboration with Polish composer Janusz Stokłosa, premiered in China in 2010 where it represented Poland at the Shanghai EXPO. 

David Behar Perahia is a French-Israeli, Jerusalem-based artist working mostly within a site-specific approach. He researches the notion of place to discover the layers that compose a local context. During David’s processes, he asks questions about the physical process of active perception, the participative “spectator”, and the appropriate use of materials for a given situation. His interventions in site/place/context convey to people a new perspective about their locality and welcome them to establish a strong sense for a place. His most recent projects have evolved through engaging with the people and communities of given locations, establishing an active public participation during various stages of the making. David approaches art from different fields of practice: Physics, Chemistry and Architecture. 



Come and sit, Przyjdź i usiądź, בוא/י שב/י.  

We miss being able to get together, so we created “Kumzits”, which means campfire in Hebrew. A group of us from Jerusalem, Berlin and Krakow developed eight art projects in public space. They are our proverbial campfire. Although most of us could not make it here in person, we are all around Kazimierz. Come and share a moment with us. 


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This project is supported by the Foundation for Polish – German Cooperation, Goethe Institut and The City of Jerusalem. 

Dan Farberoff
David Behar Perahia

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