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KUMZITS: “Phone Home” – Ilona Marti

01.01.1970 - 11:00 - 19:00 / Kazimierz | various localizations

Seven nomads from Krakow shared their personal stories with me. I am kind of a nomad myself. To hear these talented storytellers speak honestly about their relationship to home was and still is inspiring. You can listen to them too, just give them a call. 

Duration: ongoing 


  1. ul. Kordeckiego
  2. ul.Stradom,tram stop 

Buy a 20-min tram ticket. Start calling when the arrival display of the tram 6, 8, 10 or 13 (not 18!) will change from 2 to 1 minute. Take the tram when it arrives. 

  1. ul.Meiselsa
  2. plac Nowy
  3. ul. Wawrzyńca
  4. ul. Podgórska
  5. Bulwar Kurlandzki

In these locations you will find phone numbers written down on the street or pavement. Make a phone call.

Ilona Marti is a Swiss audio artist, sound and graphic designer who lives and works in Berlin. In her own interactive and intimate audio performances she experiments with perception, irritation and movement. Her works in public space offer unusual perspectives on everyday surroundings. They have been shown at the B_Tour Festival and the Performing Arts Festival in Berlin, as well as at festivals in Tel Aviv/Jaffa, Krasnodar and Odessa. 

Since 2013, she has been working as a sound designer for the audio performance “Remote X” by Rimini Protokoll in over 30 cities worldwide. As a graphic designer she creates print media for Berlin culture. Ilona completed her studies at the Weißensee Academy of Art in Berlin in the field of Visual Communication and at the Zurich University of the Arts in Trends and Identity. 

In collaboration with: Izabela Gruchała, Kirill Aleksandrov, Jenet Chilgezkuliyeva, Weronika Kozłowska, Agnieszka Marecka, Ieva Matkevičiūtė, Martin Perring, Adam Zduńczyk 


Come and sit, Przyjdź i usiądź, בוא/י שב/י.  

We miss being able to get together, so we created “Kumzits”, which means campfire in Hebrew. A group of us from Jerusalem, Berlin and Krakow developed eight art projects in public space. They are our proverbial campfire. Although most of us could not make it here in person, we are all around Kazimierz. Come and share a moment with us. 


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This project is supported by the Foundation for Polish – German Cooperation, Goethe Institut and The City of Jerusalem. 

Ilona Marti
Ilona Marti

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