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27.06.2021 - 21:00 / Festival Tent, ul. Józefa 36 | live:

Jealous ​are known for their loud, fuzzy and dirty sound which perfectly suits their chaotically frantic and messy live shows. The trio: Paz, Adi and Uri, met years ago in Tel Aviv’s underground scene.  After relocating a couple of years ago, they are now living and actively participating in Berlin’s rising local music scene.

Each member has been involved in several music projects including ​Balagan​ and ​Dane Joe​.  Paz and Adi have their own record label Baby Satan Records​. Jealous ​are thrilled to be the first band to play on Oliver Ackermann’s (the frontman of ​A Place To Bury Strangers) ​new label ​Dedstrange​ on a joint vinyl release of a new 4-song EP, Lover​ and 2019’s EP ​What’s your Damage?​ Recorded live to tape at a run-down punk venue in Kassel, Germany, the album was intended to capture the feeling of their live shows with most of the songs recorded in one take. Having heard the recordings of good friends, the band Suck, they decided to work with the same producer, ​Felix Margraf (Counts on Crack)​. Inspired by the 1970’s Glam rock, Punk, Garage, Country and Post-punk, ​Jealous’ ​songs touch on subjects ranging from the thoughts of a serial killer, the flaws of human nature and more intimate narratives on the comfort of drug comedowns.

The band are super excited about their immersion in the thriving ‘8mm scene’ in Berlin, working with some of their favourite artists on ​Baby Satan​ including ​Palm Squirrel, SKY, Moon Gear, and Able Bodies. They have been listening to a ton of Berlin/New Zealand post punk savants, ​the Pleasure Magenta​. In 2019, Jealous played over 70 shows across Europe, including numerous support shows for bands such as ​Amyl And The Sniffers​, ​Viagra Boys​, ​The Black Lips​ and ​Surfbort. During the current pandemic the band have been polishing up their home drinking skills as well as their live show. They last performed as part of Dedstrange​’s SXSW showcase in March 2021.


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