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Jan Młynarski and Combo Salonowe present: Love and Exile. Borderland– Warsaw – Israel

03.07.2021 - 20:30 / Festival Tent, ul. Józefa 36 | live:

In his educational and music programme, Jan Emil Młynarski will present the fate and work of 4 outstanding figures from the world of Polish popular music. The first stage duo is Wiera Gran and the composer-pianist – Stanisław Ferszko, with whom Gran made her debut at the Paradis club in Warsaw in the late 1930s.

In the 1950s, Natasza Zylska appeared on the Polish stage – a new singer swinging with American flair. She made many recordings alongside the outstanding, legendary post-war bandleader – Jan Cajmer. What remains of all four in Poland are numerous unique songs which are remembered much better than they are… The concert will feature their concise biographies and the historical background as well as songs performed live by Jan Młynarski and Combo Salonowe consisting of Grzegorz Tarwid –piano, Lesław Matecki –guitar, Jarosław Bothur –saxophone, and featuring the exceptional Asia Nawojska, who will recall a few swing hits by Natasza Zylska.

Jan Młynarski vocals, mandolin, drums; Joanna Nawojska vocals; Grzegorz Tarwid piano, possibly keyboards; Lesław Matecki guitar; Jarosław Bothur tenor saxophon

Jan Młynarski

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