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Closing concert: Gurgulitza

04.07.2021 - 21:00 / Festival Tent, ul. Józefa 36

Gurgulitza is a Berlin-based vocal trio with one sacred mission – to breathe life into ancient folk songs and perform them to new audiences. On their trips, Madlen Stange, Netta Shahar and Nitsan Bernstein, collect polyphonic treasures and explore vocal techniques. From the raw materials they collect around the world, they weave theatrical musical performances which include vocal improvisation and audience participation.

Since the establishment of Gurgulitza in 2018, they have been invited to participate in a number of festivals such as the 2019 Musrara Mix (Israel) and the 2021 Krakow Jewish Culture Festival (Poland) and have been accepted for the 2020 cultural programme of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. In addition, they have been awarded a scholarship from Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts (Israel) in order to create a new project to be premiered in 2022. Each member of the trio comes from a different musical background, has a different performance style and a different artistic approach. When together on stage, the distant worlds unite to create a spectacular mosaic of voices and dazzling fabric of artistic expressions. Wherever they perform, Gurgulitza manage to mesmerize the audience at every performance and take them on a fascinating musical journey.

In many traditions, the ritual of gathering around the fire and singing together used to connect all the people of a community. The men, the women, as well as the old and the young of a village used to sit together, get warm and connect to one other with their voices. Our repertoire, which consists of songs from different countries such as Bulgaria, Georgia, and Greece among others, originates from those folk traditions. We invite the audience to connect to the intimate atmosphere of an old ritual and join us in a powerful polyphonic experience.


photo: Merav Maroody

Gurgulitza by Merav Maroody
Gurgulitza by. Merav Maroody
Gurgulitza by Merav Maroody

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