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Classics at noon: Marimbazzi Duo

27.06.2021 - 12:00 / Festival Tent, ul. Józefa 36 | live:

The festival edition of the Cheder series of classical music concerts. On Sunday at 12:00 we play chamber and classical music. Without the grandiosity of sterile concert halls, without the distance between the big stage and the audience, without elegant clothes or unnecessary pretentiousness. We are returning to the source of chamber music, composed for small, private spaces. This time we’ll meet in the festival tent, the centre of this year’s festival. Come alone, with your family or friends and listen to great classical music while having coffee, tea or a glass of wine.

The Marimbazzi duo is a band consisting of two talented drummers, Paweł Dyyak and Jakub Kołodziejczyk, who study at the Academy of Music in Katowice and who share a common interest in composing music. Their cooperation began in 2015 on the suggestion of professor Leon Olejniczak – their teacher – who saw the potential of bringing together two of his pupils in one band. Gradually the artists’ work produced amazing results in the form of numerous awards at various competitions. These achievements allowed them to record their first album. The original style and stage identity of Marimbazzi has been recognized by many respected musicians from Poland and abroad alike. Their advanced performance technique means that the band is not limited to one musical genre. The drummers excel in classical, jazz, contemporary and avant-garde repertoire. This translates into a wide selection of compositions which they can play so their listeners get a chance to experience many contrasting emotions. Their unique sound has brought them invitations to many important cultural events in Poland, numerous awards at various competitions and a scholarship from the Polish Minister of Culture for lifetime achievements in 2016/2017. Jakub and Paweł were also awarded scholarships under the Young Poland National Cultural Centre programme in 2017, 2019 and 2021.

Marimbazzi Duo: Jakub Kołodziejczyk, Paweł Dyyak

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