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Baharim. Music from the Negew Desert

01.07.2021 - 21:00 / Festival Tent, ul. Józefa 36 | live:

I love the desert. In the last decade, I did my best to spend as much time there as possible, to sit in deserted canyons and gaze from unnamed mountaintops.

The music that I will play for you has been exclusively composed by myself. Some pieces are taken from my album ‘Baharim’. The compositions are mostly born as a daydream that appears in my mind while I walk outside. Catching this dream, this melody, is like trying to get hold of a small cloud or a wisp of smoke without destroying it or spoiling its beauty.
I will play by myself. The oud strings sound like an echo of the desert landscape. Dry wind between the mountains and strings. My aim and my hope are to calm down your thoughts. To take you on a journey to your inner desert. To the simplest joy of listening to music.

Gad Tidhar was born in Israel in 1983. At the age of 22, after playing the guitar for years, he bought his first oud and started learning the traditions of the east – the Maqams of Turkey, Persia and Arabia. Tidhar studied music with masters and virtuosos like Piris Eliyahu, Nizar Rouhana, Ross Dali.
In 2010, together with Roy Smila and Refael Ben Zichry, he established Faran Ensemble. In 2017 his first solo oud album called ‘Baharim’ was released.

In his playing, Gad brings together everything he has learned – Turkish ornamentation, Arabic picking style, Persian dynamics – all these are interweaved into his unique style, through which Gad is able to express his world of inspiration – the desert and its wildlife, the camels he herds and the peace and quiet of nature.


Gad Tidhar

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