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30th JCF | live streaming | mobile app

For our jubilee, we have prepared for you a new streaming platform which will allow you to participate in the JCF events all day long. And to let you have us right at your fingertips – we have the Festival smartphone app for you!

The Jewish Culture Festival was the first event whose concerts were available live on the Internet – we started the broadcasts in 2008, during the 18th JCF.  Thanks to this, the whole world  could listen to the hit song, “To ostatnia niedziela” (“This is our last Sunday”) in a daring performance of La Mar Enfortuna.

The pandemic changed the method of organizing cultural events. Live steaming is not only a marketing  option, but makes up an integral element of each event. That is why, also this year, you will get a live broadcast not only of the Festival concerts, but also almost all its events. And you will not have to look for the streaming on the social media – they will be all available in one place – on the new website:

From dawn till dusk, you will find there live streamings of the events held in the JCF Tent, concerts organized in the Museum of Urban Engineering, Collegium Maius and the Tempel synagogue. After the end of the live streaming you will have the access to the event archives so that you could watch listen and enjoy them again.

You can always have the  Program of the events of the 30th, the jubilee Jewish Culture Festival right at your fingertips. The only thing you have to do is to download our Festival app – the 30th JCF, both from the AppStore, and from the GooglePlay. Through this App we will be informing you will be up to date informed about the potential changes and novelties – so it is worth having at hand!

The streaming platform for 30th JCF is the public task financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in the competition: “Public Diplomacy 2021”